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Hi guys, I hope you don’t mind if this is not going to be a technical post. This is gonna be about a great adventure I’m starting tomorrow. An adventure called: Nokia! Anyway, for those of you interested, I will also share some interview’s tips at the end of the post. If you prefer just skip the first boring part 😛


Where do I start? Let’s start saying that I feel extremely lucky. I got a great job in what seems to be a fantastic company. Nokia Berlin is mainly working on Location Based services, and I will join their team on one of the best Nokia’s software products: Here Maps! 😀

I moved to Berlin looking for great projects to join, but I have to say that I never expected to end up in Nokia. All started thank to a friend of mine, who told me Nokia has a lot of openings based in Berlin. So I asked myself: why not try? And I applied, through the Nokia Careers website, for a Mobile Developer position which required good knowledge of Java. A month after I was contacted from Nokia HR department, which set for me the first interview. After two Skype interviews and a one-day (six hours with six different persons) on-site interview I got  great news: Nokia offered me a position as Software Engineer! Unbelievable! 😀

Tomorrow is the big day. I will join a team in a big building, with approximately others 700 employees, in the heart of Berlin. For me, coming from a little company, this seems something huge! I have to say that I feel a bit nervous, will I be up to the situation? What I can certainty say is that I’ll try my best 😀

About the interview process:

All the companies in Berlin I interviewed for, checked me with at least one initial phone interview. Nokia was the only one to set two of them with two different engineers. During these phone interviews I got more information about the position and the company. Afterward, I was asked some general software engineering questions and some questions about Java. The tip here is: read carefully the job description, more likely you’ll be asked questions according to what they are looking for. In particular, the position for which I was selected requested also knowledge of Design Patterns, needless to say I have been asked questions also on this topic. During the on-site interview I felt extremely comfortable. All the persons I met were friendly and smiling. One piece of advice I would give is: be yourself during this interview. Smile! Show that you are a social person. Show which are your passions and why you really would like to join such a big company. And if you cannot get immediately the answer to a technical question or to a programming exercise, don’t worry, it’s normal. It’s the time to show how you approach something you don’t know. Think out loud and show your mental process to face up the problem. Keep smiling and try to “establish a connection” with the interviewer. I’m sure you’re doing great! Good luck! 🙂