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About this blog:

The Past is Experience. The Future is Ambition. What better than a Blog to fold the Past and try, keeping a trace of your Path, to realize your ambitions for the Future? Hopefully, learning from mistakes and sharing everything with someone else. Moreover, many times try to teach a subject is one of the best ways to learn a subject. Having to answer questions with simple explanations is a great exercise. My Developed World is born for that and other impulsive and passionate stuff. Here you will find a part of me; the part concerning my passion for the Internet, software designing/programming and, why not, dreams and hopes.

About me:

My name is Luigi Massa Gallerano, nickname: while. I’m an ambitious Software Engineer. I live in Berlin and, currently, I’m working for Nokia on the Here Maps project. I graduated obtaining a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Pisa. My university experience taught me mostly to be flexible, fast and dynamic. I am a cheerful person, friendly and open-minded. I have spent a 6-months study period in Denmark in the framework of the Erasmus European and I realized how important and exciting is working with people with different culture and background. A nice smile on my face is my way to start the day and face up problems and challenges.


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Luigi Massa Galleranoon

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